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These Songs are listed for Sale as a 1st time Exclusive offer and never ​released. The buyer will have the only copy of the Complete song and sounds .

Purchase  this Song  as is !

No Returns - No Guarantees

This Song has never been offered, played or heard publically, only heard by the Author.

Recorded in my studio alone with only me - No visitors - no Audience - 
           no band members - Only I listen & play.

This Song has only been played and/or recorded 
   by the author, no other persons in the studio. 
These Songs in my opinion should be Great for dancing and exercising to the beat, Songs to add to your Portfolio when on the Road shows is Custom and One of a Kind in the World..
Estimated by me with Great potential to no limits, Different, Exciting, Fun,    Happy, Enjoyable.

These recordings are not perfected for public listening but serve as a model for recording  with your band of choice to suit your style of country music, instruments, your favorite     recording studio etc. For instance, if I choose to put the 1st half of one recording of this        song I recorded with the 2nd half of another recording on another day for better sound     it may sound slightly different to the ear but conveys the message of the Tune !
You will receive 2 copies of the Original CD as recorded on my Tascam DP 32 - therefore, You only, will have in your possession an Original      Copy of the only recording ever offered on these Song's .
The Copyright to this song itself is owned by and all rights reserved by John Littlehorn, aka and referred to as (the Author Herein). This "Exclusive Sale" shall be effective for a period of 4 years from the date of "Exclusive Sale Purchase" from PayPal herein as listed. Therefore You are not purchasing the copyright. "Exclusive sale" only is granted to the buyer for a period of 4 years to you for you to use as you so desire. The sale itself is sold to you as the only person to hear it, distribute, record it, play it as you so desire. These songs do have a valid Copyright registered with the Copyright Office in Washington DC. 
After the 4 year period times out (one day after the date of sale plus 48 months) the Author herein cancels the " Exclusive rights heretofore " ( Expired) to you , wherein all rights revert back to the Author herein. You will retain your work accordingly. Ascap, Bmi, Sesak, or others will be utilized by Author herein at that time for claims to all copyright rights and are reserved by he. [    All Rights Reserved by John Littlehorn (Author herein) ]

 For future reference : COPY all of these words on this page for your Records regarding
   these Stipulations and Agreement.

{Priced at $495,000.00  for  Song #1 } {Price of Song #2 is $495,000.00}  & {Song #3 is $495,000.00}
During the 4 year period referred to as "Exclusive sale", the auther herein will not solicit , exchange, distribute, play  or record any of this song in public  where another person or persons might hear . As an Exclusive Guarantee, to you the Buyer, the Author herein shall uphold a promise to you the complete song, with a copy of the Original  recording to you  in your hands only . You , the Buyer will Retain Solely this Song as it is Titled  ~  " RigaDoon ' the Pony Dance' " " Those wet Tissues " or " In Your Attic " per your choice for a period not to exceed 4 years from date of purchase. 
Purchase these songs as an Exclusive Sale for you to  do as you wish for a period of 4 years. 

All Sales are Final ! No refunds ! Any and all royalty sales incurred during or after the 4 year period expires shall be collected by the the author herein per copyright law. Ascap, Bmi, Sesac, or others will be used to monitor the songs played or sold or otherwise re-recorded by you and/or the author herein to the extent of this agreement .
After the 4 year period times out the Auther herein cancels the "Exclusive rights herein" to you and is then free to record or distribute this song as he wishes or Pleases as if no contract was ever made.You are encouraged to re-record this tune with any band of your choice, in any sound, instruments used etc. I would recommend for you to have knowledge and expertise in the recording field and Music industry with connections of same to benefit your new venture. Listen to the Sample Sounds  of each song to see if they do agree with your band or plans of re-recording these Songs and/or Playing them on your tour or stage. This agreement also gives you the right to play this tune as it is given you anywhere you so desire. It is for your benefit to succeed in your music world too. 
Simple Contract ~ Stipulations as follows : 
" RigaDoon ' ' The Pony Dance '  Priced at $495,000.00 using PayPal only.
Here is a chance of a lifetime to own your own song for 
  a period of 4 years and do what you want with it ? 
My recommendation is for you the buyer to have your band in mind and  recording studio in mind to copy & Re-record these Songs to your liking                                                                          and choice desired.

" Those Wet Tissues "  Priced at $495,000.00 using PayPal only.
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These Songs will Remain "VISIBLE for Sale" on this Website after the Song is sold. The Song will be Sold only once to the 
          Original Buyer, therefore the PayPal button will not work for a second purchase after the song is sold .
" Exclusive Sale" is for United States Currency only !
For the protection of the Buyer we can only ship these CD's within the United States of America. Be sure to leave your email address if you want a tracking number sent to you. 
   ( You must have a United States Shipping Address ! )
Your shipping address must be Exact and Deliverable. Once the CD's leave our Studio, they are in your hands. It would not be easy to verify you a second time as the same person if another claimed your purchase. Thank You , Johnny

 Song #1
" In Your Attic "  Priced at $495,000.00 using PayPal only.
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 Song #2

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