All Music is inspired by the sound of vibrant, exhilarating, and energizing moods of  each and might vary from day to day. ~ Songs are written for and as an Expression and sharing of those moods only if another wants to hear. ~ When a singer/musician plays and records a song for sharing with the public, that tune or sound is always different than any other recordings.  A Songwriter is paid for their work through sale of a CD, or BMI, ASCAP, or SECAC according to how many times that song is played on the radio , in public, movies, or elsewhere where it can be heard by BMI, ASCAP, SECAC.  ~ When there is no monetary value exchanged a Free song can contribute to the songwriter to get others attention and themselves. ~ My Thanks go out to the songwriters and hoping for continued success & Glory to them with these tunes for all to Enjoy ~ Johnny  ~ 

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